Data Collection

Our data collection tools are constantly searching the web and gathering information from several Internet-based services. Currently, we obtain data on a daily basis from diferent sites. New sources are continuously being added to our knowledge base.

Data Analysis

We use powerful state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to automatically learn the characteristics of products, services and markets available through our data sources. With this information, we create powerful tools for prediction, forecasting, and outliers identification.

Data Visualization

Our simple but powerful graphs and visualizations help you understand complex information, and recognize trends and correlations that are not visible at plain sight. We employ cutting-edge visualization technologies to present rich and interactive graphics right on your browser.

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Plenty of data sources

Our data sources are plenty and varied in scope. Furthermore, we are continuously searching for and adding new sources.

Statistical descriptions

We provide instant and periodic stats on several indicators, such as prices, brands and models of different products and markets.

Powerful yet simple visualizations

Our powerful data visualizations will help you explore and understand the complex relations between pieces of information.

Social media analysis

Know exactly what are people saying about your product, or your competitor's by mining and analyzing social networks.

Continuous data collection

Our spiders and crawlers are constantly surfing the web, gathering information from around the globe to populate your dashboard.

Prediction and forecasting

We create complex algorithms that can accurately predict the right price for new products and detect trends and tendencies.

Customizable comparisons

Easily compare different markets, regions, brands and more with respect to prices, availability or customer satisfaction.

Custom consulting

We place our knowledge and tools at your disposal with customized solutions for your problem using our data sources.


Keep up-to-date with the exchange rate
on the Cuban informal market.

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Keep up-to-date with the market value of real estate properties in Cuba.

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Real Estate Market

We periodically collect information from several Internet sources about the Cuban real estate market. By applying sensible data filtering tools, we present aggregated information about the state of the market. You can easily filter, group and explore the information by region, period, and market segments.

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Automotive Market

Everyday we collect the information related to automobile offers for the most relevant Internet source related with the topic. Then, applying intelligent data tools, we present information about this the market. You can explore the information by brand and model, and other characteristics.

  • Brands
  • Computer
  • Mobile
  • TV

Consumer Goods

The consumer goods market in Cuba occurs frequently through transactions between people. We search the Internet for the largest number of offers published in Cuba. Then, when we apply our algorithms we can discover which are the prevailing brands, how prices behave, the number of offers and all with simple and interactive visualizations.

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  • Evolution
  • CUC
  • Dollar
  • Euro

Currency Exchange

The Central Bank of Cuba publishes continuously the values for the purchase and sale of currencies with respect to the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC), parallel to that the citizens trade some currencies to other values of change. We capture both information and offer it in our analysis tools.

Executive Director

Yudivián Almeida

PhD. in Math and Computer Science.


Suilán Estévez

MSc. in Computer Science.


Alejandro Piad

MSc. in Computer Science.


David Darias

Bachelor in Computer Science.

Business Development

Ariel Machado

MSc. in Business Administration